We organize flights in Szeged on a weekend basis with our 8 and 10 person balloons from April 1 to October 31. Our program starts at Szeged Airport and ends there after the flight.

Meeting 6729 Szeged, Bajai ut
Duration of the program About 3 hours
Date From April 1 to October 31, one weekend per month
Take-off time 1-2 hours after sunrise or 1-2 hours before sunset

Meeting point

Program details

The times below may vary depending on the time of sunrise or sunset.

Meeting: 06:00 / 18:30

Meeting at the agreed time at Szeged Airport. In case of favorable winds, take-off takes place from here, otherwise we head to a take-off area selected by the pilot.

Preparation, security briefing, boarding: 06:15-06:45 / 18:45-19:00

We prepare the hot air balloon for take-off (you can help us!), and hold detailed flight safety briefing.
After that the hot air balloon gets heated and boarding commences at the pilot’s command.

Flight: 06:45-07:45 /19:00-20:00

One minute after boarding the hot air balloon rises high and cruises according to the wind direction.
Our flight time is usually 50-70 minutes, and at the end the pilot makes the landing in a suitable area.

Landing, celebration, packing: 07:45-08:30 / 20:00-20:45

After landing we hand over the flight certificates and celebrate our flight with champagne. After packing the equipment our bus returns to the meeting point.


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