First check our packages carefully and then choose the one that suits you. Don't forget that you can request each package with a door-to-door transfer. You can read more about that HERE.


Once you've added a package to your shopping cart, all you have to do is enter your information and then choose the shipping and payment method you like. If you want to make a cash payment, contact us by phone.



After Purchase

We will prepare your personal boarding pass / gift and ship or send it to you via email. From this point your boarding pass is valid for two full years. During this time you can fly with us.


Once you have made your purchase, you can book via email, phone or our community sites. We fly from April 1st to October 31st, on weekends during the hours after sunrise and before sunset. It is usually enough to book 1-2 weeks before the scheduled time, but it is possible earlier.




If you are also interested in details, you can read more about it HERE.