We fly from April to October on weekends during the hours after sunrise and before sunset. Take-offs happen at various points in the Zsámbék Basin, depending on the wind direction.
The meeting point is located in Herceghalom at the following site.

Meeting point

We'll meet you here before the flight and bring you back here after the flight. Here you can park your car safely and then take the team bus together to the take-off area chosen by the pilot based on the wind direction.

Door to door transfer

Our transfer service is designed to give the pleasure of flying individuals who do not have a car and cannot get to the meeting point in Herceghalom. From district XXII, XI, V, I and West of the Nagykörút (see map), we will ensure that you are picked up before your flight and brought back after.

Our door-to-door transfer service costs 5,000 HUF/person, except for the family package, where it costs 10,000 HUF/package for 4 people with discount.

Program details

The times below may vary depending on the time of sunrise or sunset.

Meeting: 06:00 / 18:30

Meeting at the agreed time at Herceghalom or passengers with door to door transfer at the agreed location in Budapest.
Then we head to the take-off area selected by the pilot.

Preparation, security briefing, boarding: 06:15-06:45 / 18:45-19:00

We prepare the hot air balloon for take-off (you can help us!), and hold detailed flight safety briefing.
After that the hot air balloon gets heated and boarding commences at the pilot’s command.

Flight: 06:45-07:45 /19:00-20:00

One minute after boarding the hot air balloon rises high and cruises according to the wind direction.
Our flight time is usually 50-70 minutes, and at the end the pilot makes the landing in a suitable area.

Landing, celebration, packing: 07:45-08:30 / 20:00-20:45

After landing we hand over the flight certificates and celebrate our flight with champagne. After packing the equipment our bus returns to the meeting point.


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